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Timelapse Filming and Photography

We can offer a selection of bespoke timelapse services to shipyards, yacht refit/repair companies and events/boat shows. Timelapses can also been used in ports and onboard vessels to show shipping movements. Timelapse cameras are also perfect for construction in ports of new areas and cranes as well as daily container movements. 

We can offer fully managed timelapse camera systems including setups with 1-year batter life in FullHD and up to 4K. 

All our timelpase cameras are a minimum of 1080p and range up to 4K and 8K resolution. We have both wired and battery solutions including indoor and outdoor timelapse cameras as well as short and longer-term systems. We offer one of the cheapest managed systems in the UK. See our pricing below


Unlimited Timelapse

Our timelapse cameras can be fitted with batteries lasting up to 400 days, or 5V power with a battery backup! This allows for up to 20 years of recording with a large micro SD Card. There really are no limits to project recording times. Whether your project is 1 day or 1 year, we have a solution for you!



Waterproof and tough enclosures

Our timelapse cameras can be protected in a fully waterproof and dustproof housing fitted with a sun and rain hood to ensure constant recording, whatever the conditions!. Unlike most time-lapse setups, we can also provide waterproof powered timelapse cameras for long-term projects outside, these include a battery backup.


Versatile Mounting

All our timelapse cameras come with a versatile clamp for fitting to virtually any surface, whether it be a wall, lampost, pipe or roof, we can fit to just about anywhere and include safety bonds too! Different lenses can be fitted too.


Scheduled Timelapse

We can schedule our time lapses to record at various intervals throughout the day and between a range of working hours to ensure we only capture what you need. We can also specify certain days for filming and the required output.


All projects are bespoke, but in general, our fully managed setups (per camera) cost:
£55/month (12months+)
£85/month (6months+)
£105/month (3months+)
£125/month for anything less than 3 months
£110 per site visit + mileage.
We offer discounts on multiple cameras per site and the site visit includes all cameras on site

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