Specialist aerial film services

We are pleased to be able to offer a number of specialist services to our clients. Whether you're looking for ultra slow-motion footage or the ability to light your yacht at nighttime, we have you covered!

  • FPV CineDrone

    Working with manufacturers Knight Sky Aerials, we are pleased to be able to provide one of the only gimbal-stabilized, Netflix Approved camera FPV setups available worldwide. Contact us for a showreel or more information.

  • Heavy Lift Drones

    We are pleased to offer the ability to fly heavy-lift aircraft for a variety of filming and lifting applications. These drones allow us to fly larger camera systems, 360 cameras, and heavy payloads. Contact us for more info.

  • Drone Lighting

    Thanks to an array of ultra-powerful Stratus LEDs we can provide directional and controllable aerial lighting. This provides directors with unique lighting control.  Click to see an example  Contact us for more info 

  • Thermal Imaging

    We have a selection of thermal imaging aircraft which can aid in marine inspections and search and rescue. We are honored to be involved in several search and rescue projects both on land and at sea. 

  • Ultra slow motion

    4K in up to 420 FPS is now obtainable thanks to the Freelfy Wave. Whether you're looking for boats smashing through waves in ultra slow motion or just want a stunning look for a lifestyle video, we have you covered!

  • Mini Quads and FPV

    Mini quads allow us to capture rapid action scenes such as boat chases, jet skiing, and waterskiing in the most immersive way. We are so pleased to be able to offer one of the UKs best FPV pilots for this service.

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