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2 Qualified Powerboat Advanced Commercial Skippers on the Team!

Both our lead pilot Alex and camera assist Josh are now both fully qualified commercially endorsed powerboat advanced boat skippers!

How will this impact clients?

Clients will now be able to enjoy reduced costs and increased flexibility on chase boats and film boats as we are able to skipper ourselves rather than relying on an external skipper.

Alex often works on shoots single handedly and so the ability to skipper boats on behalf of clients or to assist out on the water is a huge benefit to ensure a smooth day out on the water.

Josh will be our full time chase boat skipper on shoots and is part of our collaboration with Tiger Co!

Josh brings years of boating experience and skippering knowledge to our shoots. We are really pleased to be continuously providing a complete package to clients to make shoots as hassle free and cost efficient as possible!

We were pleased to have our 2 new commercial skippers train with Rebel Marine on the Isle Of Wight!


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