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2 Years of Dronedesk for our Pre-Flight Planning

We have now been using the incredible Dronedesk for all our preflight planning for over two years.

In this time Dronedesk has evolved massively and we have even been able to

suggest several features which have been swiftly integrated into what is now the best flight planning platform! Dronedesk allows us to produce comprehensive flight plans, risk assessments and required preflight planning

documents as per operations manual. This allows us to operate safely and more efficiently for our clients.

Dronedesk easily allows us to plan complicated flights at sea and within restricted areas. We have recently used Dronedesk extensively for operations on the River Thames when flying in central London. The professional and clear document produced by Dronedesk is always accepted by airports and port authorities, the flight report provides our clients with an easy overview of the days operations.


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