Aerial Drone Filming Specalists on the River Thames

Drone Filming and Aerial Photography on the River Thames.

Flying drones between the Thames Barrier and Chealsea Bridge reviews special permissions and authorisations that we are authorised to hold.

We are pleased to be licensed and insured to provide drone filming in the resticed areas and over the River Thames in London!

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Publicity Stunts

We can assist with publcity stunt filming and photography on the River Thames and have captured a wide range of publicity activities before.


River Logistics

Working with our partners and local agencies we can help with River Logistics and AIrspace Logistics for a shoot to ensure safety and a successful event.


Special Permissions

We have enahnced operating permissions adn can obtain permissions to fly anywhere on the River Thames including within restricted zones and at Westminster Palace.

We have the correct licensing and insurance to operate in the incredibly congested area of London. We have cleared the Metropolitan police and diplomatic protection vetting which means we can gain permission to operate in the restricted areas much faster. We are also proud to be preferred suppliers of Livetts the drone operations over the River Thames.

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