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flying a drone at sea

How to safely fly your drone from a boat

We often get asked how it's done! So we thought we would make a handy guide to help you get safely up in the air and enjoying your drone out at sea!

Boats & Drones- Flying from a boat

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Always follow laws and the drone code. Enjoy your flight!

The number one best tip is not to panic! When you panic things go wrong quickly and you waste a lot of time! To avoid panicking follow the steps below as closely as possible!

Don't fly if it's really windy or choppy, know the limits


  1. Ensure your drone is calibrated, (magnetic on land prior to a trip on the boat), has a good GPS connection, and has no errors showing. 

  2. Ensure your phone/remote has a good GPS signal and ideally has mobile reception. You'll see a blue dot showing your location on the map! - (For location accuracy)

  3. Turn off downward vision-facing sensors.

  4. Set loss of connection to hover (Not on spark)  (Screenshot 1) 

  5. Reduce value to 10% for auto RTH on low battery

  6. Turn off RTH when battery level reached (Smart RTH)

  7. Set low battery level alarm to 30% or 35% depending on your confidence. This gives you plenty of time to land. (Remember, the drone will auto decent at 10% never fly below 15%!)

  8. Stop the boat 

   9.  (If the boat is drifting then launching in ATTI mode may be easier)


  1. Launch the drone into the air from the hand and go up several meters to get away from the boat (ideally get someone to do this for you and practice on land first) Always point the drone away from you.

  2. Enjoy flying and keep well clear of all vessels and spray

  3. Only fly as low to the water as your happy with. We advise not getting lower than 40cm

  4. Have someone else keep a good eye out for other vessels that may be fast approaching and ask the boat skipper to call out what maneuvers they plan to do. 


  1. When the low battery alarm sounds its time to return back to the boat. Don't be alarmed by the noise and remain nice and calm, you have plenty of time left!

  2. Bring the boat to a stop ( 0 knots SOG (Speed over Ground))

  3. Hand catch flying the drone pointing away from you so the control sticks are more natural to make it easier and safer.


Sometimes when updating RTH point to your device it will show ‘Weak signal connection Unable to Update Home Point’. In this case, click the update Home Point to Aircraft position (to the left of dynamic). This will fix the issue.



No one involved in the making of this document takes ANY responsibility for your actions or any loss/ damage or injury. These are hints but you are entirely responsible for your flight.

If you follow these guidelines and anything happens then we are not responsible in any way. We advise that you follow all drone laws and to not endanger anyone. Thank you

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